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REVIEW: Alexa Cappelli Releases The Heartfelt Ballad “Someone Better”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli has unveiled the brand new heartfelt ballad “Someone Better” via Arista Records.

This latest release centres around the clashing feelings of letting go of someone who once held a special place within your heart after the realisation you are heading on different paths.

Discussing the new single, Alexa said “‘Someone Better’ is the realization that the relationship you’re in doesn’t fit the life you’re living for. There’s nothing wrong with the other person, in fact, there’s really only good. But you know the future holds more growth and love for both of you apart, rather than together. Choosing yourself is way more difficult when you aren’t mad at this person who has only ever treated you right. But moving forward, there will be a day when you meet someone somewhere who does the same and is also growing in the same direction.”

The song carries a pop-influenced instrumental that gently journies through a host of hard-hitting relatable lyrics that connect on a deeply personal level.

Throughout this heart-touching release, Alexa delivers an emotionally commanding performance full of raw feeling & sentiment to create a moving connection that genuinely relates with listeners.

Overall, this composition showcases the emotionally grasping lyrical heart of this talented artist’s musical spirit & displays the divine undertones of her incredible vocals. This song will find a special place on many a playlist.

You can check out “Someone Better” on Spotify below or listen on more platforms here.

Alexa Cappelli: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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