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REVIEW: Lucy May Walker Releases The Debut Album “Nothing Ever Stays The Same”!

Lucy May Walker is a London-based singer-songwriter whose music accumulates immense lyrical storytelling & heartfelt vocals. Through the musical journey so far, Lucy’s music has received support from such names as BBC Radio 2 & 6Music, & found its way into numerous publications.

With songs such as “Saftey Net”, “Bad Day”, & “You’re Not Alone” finding their way onto many a listener’s playlist, Lucy is stepping into the next chapter with the release of the highly anticipated debut album “Nothing Ever Stays The Same”.

This album features ten songs & serves as a way of reminding listeners that nothing stays the same & things can get better in time.

The album features elements of pop, singer-songwriter, indie, & folk genres to create a softly enduring variation of compositions that impact on various levels.

Each track represents the story of this album perfectly by presenting themes such as foresight & nostalgia to create an emotional journey that explores different avenues of growth & realisation.

Throughout this album, Lucy produces a host of heartfelt vocal performances that highlight the charismatic undertones within the spirited harmonies possessed.

This album is the perfect showcase of Lucy’s artistic nature by presenting an assortment of emotionally creative pieces that direct straight from the heart. Highly recommended!

Following the release of this album, Lucy will be embarking on a UK headline tour this spring, with shows in Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, & London, & will be accompanied by a host of very talented musicians. More information can be found here.

You can check out “Nothing Ever Stays The Same” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Lucy May Walker: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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