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REVIEW: Linda Varg Releases The New Single “Fuck It Up”!

Photo by Marcus Vall.

Swedish singer-songwriter Linda Vorg brings the brand new single “Fuck It Up” from the upcoming debut full-length album later this year.

This latest single centres around the realisation that you’ve been limiting your own abilities & dreams to conform to what someone else desires.

Speaking about the new single, Linda says, “We should not blame others. Even though in most cases it starts with someone doing or saying something bad to us, for me it started when I was very young. A woman who was older than me couldn’t handle that I was happy, unafraid and talented. They said things to me that made me unsure of myself and that’s when I started to make myself smaller. In Sweden we have a special word, kind of like an unwritten law and it’s “Jantelagen”, which means that you should never think that you are someone and should never stand out and shine more than anyone else. I hate that law! Every single person should shine!!!”

The song carries an empowering atmosphere that accentuates the emotionally versatile lyrics deep within the core of this upbeat composition.

Linda delivers a passionately driven performance that highlights the dynamic dispositions within the charismatic undertones of this artist’s vocals.

In my honest opinion, this song is a perfect showcase of the unique musical creativity this gifted musician possesses & builds pure momentum towards the upcoming album.

You can check out “Fuck It Up” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Linda Varg: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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