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REVIEW: The Goudies Release Their Live Single “Two (The East Street Deli Session)”!

South Wales-based husband & wife duo Sam & Beth Goudie, aka, The Goudies, continue to dazzle audiences through naturally drawing & heartfelt vocals that reminisce their characteristic & innovatory musical style.

Not long ago, The Goudies officially released a fan favourite from their live shows “Two”. Originally included as part of Beth’s solo album in 2019, this latest version reflects building a life as a married couple.

The song was recorded live at the award-winning business The East Street Deli in Wimborne as a tribute to the couple’s weekly visits during the UK lockdown & the Tiny Show Tuesday live streams that formed the duo whilst they resided there.

Each verse carries a delving array of lyrical notions that guide you along a winding road of passionate & genuine sentiment, which will leave you wanting more.

Sam & Beth’s vocals blend to create a beautifully displaying harmonic performance that reflects the raw emotion lying deep within the lyrical heart of this moving composition.

These two gifted artists possess a truthfully remarkable & honest sound that can connect with listeners on an in-depth scale. The way their voices harmonise is something to be profoundly admired & I know we will see more incredible things ahead for The Goudies.

You can check out the video for “Two (The East Street Deli Session)” below or listen on further platforms here.

The Goudies: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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