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REVIEW: Andrew Lambrou Releases The New Anthem “Break A Broken Heart”!

Andrew Lambrou has unveiled the highly anticipated single “Break A Broken Heart”, which will represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, UK.

Following the announcement that Andrew would represent Cyprus on this year’s Eurovision stage, curiosity has surrounded what was on the cards for this gifted musician’s entry & now the mystery is revealed.

Written by Jimmy Jansson, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Marcus Winther-John, & Thomas Stengaard, this song centres around a relationship that ends with a broken heart but might inspire to rise again stronger.

The song carries a powerfully ear-catching pop-influenced instrumental that lays the perfect foundation for the lyrical narrative to take centre stage.

Each verse features a mixture of hard-hitting lyrics that delve from the depths of heartbreak to create an emotionally enduring impression.

This song significantly exemplifies the charismatic elements within Andrew’s vocals & allows this gifted musician to produce a memorable articulated performance.

This song has all the makings of creating a vastly growing impression on the global music scene & it would not be surprising to hear it heading onto many listeners’ playlists.

You can check out the official video for “Break A Broken Heart” below or listen via more platforms here.

Andrew Lambrou: Website / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

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