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REVIEW: Tennessee Twin Release Their New Country Anthem “Rear View Mirror”!

Cambridge, UK-based acoustic duo Geoff & Victoria Meads (aka Tennessee Twin) are known for creating vastly melodic songs full of emotional heart & have garnered the attention of listeners through their distinct style of blending modern country, folk, & Americana.

Not long ago, Tennessee Twin unveiled their brand new single, “Rear View Mirror”, which centres around the anticipation of celebrating the brighter days ahead & moving on from mistakes of the past.

The song assumes an Americana & Country pop arrangement that carries a message of forgetting the heavy storms of today & eagerly awaiting the warm sunlight of tomorrow.

Throughout this anthem, listeners are treated to a captivating performance that showcases the rich harmonic passion of these two talented musicians & leaves you with an instantly gratifying & lasting impression.

This song is a perfect showing of this duo’s musical talents by providing a feel-good track that guides listeners through an interactive lyrical experience they can relate with on an in-depth level.

You can check out “Rear View Mirror” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Tennesse Twin: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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