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REVIEW: Carmen McLean Releases The New Single “The Space”!

Leeds-based singer-songwriter Carmen McLean shares a refreshingly drawing musical style that hosts a versatile entity of personal lyrical heart & passionately projecting vocals.

Receiving support from the likes of BBC Introducing & Amazing Radio, Carmen makes an ever-evolving presence throughout the music scene & continues to do so with the brand new single “The Space”.

This latest release features a folk-pop influence that centres around the premise of the journey between two lovers drifting apart.

The song harbours a stripped-back arrangement carrying a contributing assortment of soft violin sequences to create an emotionally endearing melody that connects directly with listeners.

Carmen delivers an emotionally exhibiting performance that showcases the captivating movements within her passionately driving vocals, which creates an additional emotional layer to this touching composition.

I believe this song shows the innovative musical talent that Carmen possesses & demonstrates the emotional lyrical storytelling she harbours.

You can check out “The Space” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Carmen McLean: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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