REVIEW: Matilda Pratt Delivers An Emotionally Drawing Performance On The Heartbreak Anthem “Dear You”!

Singer-songwriter Matilda Pratt showcases the passionately drawing harmonies of her emotionally bearing vocals with the heartbreak anthem “Dear You”.

Matilda wrote this song in the style of a love letter to a first love when a sense of realisation hits that it’s a relationship that won’t last forever.

The song is a creative piece that shows the emotionally stirring originality of Matilda’s incredible lyrical talents & a statement of the pure musical innovativeness she possesses.

Throughout this song, you hear Matilda delivering a passionate performance that showcases the raw emotion within the spirited depths of her angelic vocals.

I believe that Matilda possesses a truthfully unique musical creativeness that conveys a story in which listeners can effortlessly find themselves lost within & feel this song is a solid narrative of that.

You can check out “Dear You” on Spotify below or listen via further platforms here.

Matilda Pratt: Facebook / Instagram.

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