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RELEASE: Bri Oglu Explores The Duality Of Breakups In The Official Video For “Enough”!

Cinematic pop artist Bri Oglu has released the official music video for her single “Enough”, a sultry-pop ballad that explores the complexities of heartbreak, addiction, & the resilience of leaving behind a toxic relationship.

A few months ago, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution shared a review for “Enough”, describing it as “A captivating ballad carrying a profoundly engaging tone that exudes a spirited atmosphere”Now, we see the cinematic factor of this incredible composition brought to life. 

This song recounts the loss of a relationship in an unconventional growth mindset, celebrating the strength of letting go of a toxic dynamic. Alternating between personal, penetrating shots, & fading memories, Bri Oglu’s performance breaks the fourth wall while also letting the viewers into intimate snapshots of the relationship. “I wanted the video to depict the highs and lows of dating someone unwell,” Bri explains.

The video is directed by Jacquie DiTroia, shot by Alex Velasco & stars Bri alongside Will Snyder, who also produced the single. It holds a nostalgic and bittersweet feeling: the hardship of letting go is privy to tenderness and affection in wishing a past partner happiness and love. The melancholic breakup scenes contrast with Oglu’s healing, emerging from a picture of confidence, someone who’s not afraid to face difficult situations.

The “Enough” official music video shows the possibilities of reclaiming one’s independence & happiness while reserving kindness and acceptance for the way a relationship ended. The final puzzle piece to Bri Oglu’s EP, Somewhere Else, repurposes heartbreak as learning & combines alt-pop with cinematic production.

You can check out the official video for “Enough” below.

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