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REVIEW: Demi Michelle Unveils The Festive Single “Winter Cold”!

Heartfelt & charismatic singer-songwriter Demi Michelle is ending a highly successful 2022 with the release of her third original festive single, “Winter Cold”!

Speaking about the release, Demi says “Christmas is a celebratory time, it’s true, but it’s also a time that leads to much reflection for me. The winter cold in this song is a metaphor for the melancholy feelings that some of us may experience during the holidays. Still, the fire in my heart that burns with all my hopes and dreams keeps out the winter cold and brings me light.”

This latest release is full of festive magic & guides listeners through an imaginative/visionary winter wonderland experience full of intricate metaphors & poetic lyrics.

During this song, you feel a soulfully warm instrumental that carries a host of piano elements that echo the lyrical core of this engaging release.

Demi produces a charming vocal performance that reflects the feel-good festive energy that flows throughout this composition & highlights the delicate tones within her voice.

This song is another exciting chapter of Demi’s musical journey & I know that I will not be alone in seeing what the future holds for this gifted musician.

You can check out “Winter Cold” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Demi Michelle: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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