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REVIEW: The Southern Gothic Release Their New Single “Talking In My Sleep”!

Chart-topping Nashville band The Southern Gothic have unveiled their brand new single “Talking In My Sleep”.

“Talking In My Sleep” was written with Troy Walls, half of Nashville duo Carvin Walls, and Mike Britt, high up on a mountain in Oct of 2021. “We were on a writer’s retreat, and we were just throwing around ideas. I’d mentioned, ‘you know when you wake up with a song in your head, and you feel like it must’ve been in your dream….  this is how this guy feels about this girl….  He wakes up hearing her voice in his head.  My guy is all the way in deep’… and so the song came to be!”

This latest release features an uptempo rock & country-influenced instrumental that perfectly portrays the lyrical nature of this ear-catching composition & does an incredible job of showcasing the natural vibe & tone of this group.

The lead vocals provided by frontman Connor Christian are a true example of the sublime harmonic characteristics he retains & a substantial representation of the natural talent this group possesses.

You can check out “Talking In My Sleep” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

The Southern Gothic: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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