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REVIEW: Louise Parker Delivers A Stellar Performance On The Upcoming Single “Littel Bi Drnk”!

UK country singer-songwriter Louise Parker continues to pave her way through the global music scene through a host of ear-catching anthems, which have received a notion of highly acclaimed accolades.

Following on from the recent success of the summer anthem “Tequila Sunset” & emotional hit “Bring It On (Set Me Free)”, Louise is about to release the brand new single “Littel Bit Drnk” on November 11th.

Littel Bit Drnk” is the prequel to a good country drinking song. It’s the aftermath of trying to heal a broken heart with strong drinks, best friends and great music, in the midst of figuring out who you are alone and combating crippling loneliness at the end of the night. 

Speaking about the upcoming release, Louise said “I was spectating at a friend’s gig and, as I wasn’t driving, decided to have a few drinks. This was one of my first outings since being recently single and my friends hadn’t seen me drink like that in years, earning me the nickname ‘Lairy Lou’. As soon as the alcohol hit my system and my inhibitions started to waiver, I found all I wanted to do was make that fatal mistake of a drunk dial.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support from my family and friends that I didn’t make the call, but I did write this song to encapsulate that moment. The misspelling of the title is indicative of how much alcohol was consumed that evening! So, this is my open drunk dial of all the things I wanted to say: “Oh Henry, I’m a Littel Bit Drnk can you help me out?”

This song features a contemporary country-influenced instrumental that carries a host of uniquely characteristic elements that draw the depths of the lyrical notion of this catchy anthem.

Through this upcoming single, Louise provides a phenomenal performance that highlights the distinguishing tones of her crisp vocals. Louise also delivers a personal & persisting energy that listeners can find a connection with.

I feel this song is another exciting chapter of Louise’s musical journey & can see it finding its way towards many listeners’ playlists upon its release.

You can pre-save “Littel Bit Drnk” ahead of November 11th by clicking right here.

Louise Parker: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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