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REVIEW: NEONI Release The Brand New EP “All My Favourite Monsters”!

Following on from a string of highly renowned musical releases, electronic alternative dark-pop sister duo Neoni have unveiled their brand new EP “All My Favourite Monsters”.

This latest EP features seven vibrantly driving compositions that carry a diverse notion of thoughts & emotions that many listeners will be able to find solace within.

The EP begins with the stellar new track, “Underground”, which carries a mid-tempo dark-pop influenced instrumental & is the perfect opener to draw your attention & leave you craving more.

This EP carries a host of emotional tracks that centre around the thoughts of fighting your personal demons & the ones left behind by someone who betrayed your trust.

A variety of my personal favourites from this EP are “Underground”, “I’m Not Sorry”, & “Fangs”. However, this is the perfect type of tracklist that you could easily listen fully to for hours on end.

Throughout this EP, Caitlin & Sidney deliver a constantly passionate & emotionally ambitious performance that echoes the stirring & vibrant essence of each & every track.

Overall, this EP is a perfect showcase of the dynamic creativity that both of these gifted artists possess & one that will leave a lasting impression on many listeners.

You can check out “All My Favourite Monsters” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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