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REVIEW: Sam Lyon’s Vocals Shine On The Forthcoming Single “The Calm Within The Storm (Demi’s Song)”!

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Sam Lyon has swiftly caught the attention of listeners by curating a host of relatable & connecting musical releases, which has swiftly landed on listeners’ playlists around the world.

Sam is once again ready to move the hearts of listeners with the forthcoming single “The Calm Within The Storm (Demi’s Song)”, being unveiled to the world this Friday.

Written for a friend who was going through a hard time, this upcoming single is a hard-hitting & eye-opening perspective of navigating life whilst struggling with mental health.

The song features a variety of beautifully steering piano & light orchestra moments that reflect the raw & emotional elements of the lyrical heart that this composition possesses.

Sam produces a passionately personally-drawing harmonic performance that enhances the beautifully moving & poetic notion of this song & showcases the delicate nature of her heartwarming vocals.

This song is an intimate yet relatable guiding experience that many of us have experienced at some point & brings comfort/guidance to those who may need to hear it. This a strong recommendation for sure.

You can pre-save “The Calm Within The Storm (Demi’s Song)” ahead of November 11th by clicking the link here.

Sam Lyon: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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