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REVIEW: Sophia Patsalides Releases The Brand New Single “You, Me and Picasso”!

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Sophia Patsalides brings listeners a distinctive notion of heartfelt vocals & creative storytelling through a host of well-received compositions. Now, this gifted artist is ready to capture audiences’ attention once again with the release of the brand new single “You, Me and Picasso”.

This latest release features an indie-pop-influenced instrumental that contains a variety of distinct components, which fuse to create a melodic foundation for the lyrical elements to take centre stage.

Sophia provides an immaculate vocal performance that illustrates the raw & natural elements of her naturally drawing harmonies.

This song is another compelling chapter of Sophia’s musical career & shows listeners the innovative creativity that she possesses. I feel that we are going to see some very exciting things ahead for this gifted musician.

You can check out the lyric video for “You, Me and Picasso” below or listen on further platforms here.

Sophia Patsalides: Website / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

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