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REVIEW: Eleri Angharad & Millie Blooms Unveil The Brand New Single “Snake Like You”!

Highly acclaimed Welsh country songstress Eleri Angharad has unveiled the much-anticipated brand-new single “Snake Like You” alongside Welsh hip-hop artist Millie Blooms.

This latest release is about the slimy salespeople you encounter in every walk of life, the chancers who try to charm you with a bottle of snake oil.

Speaking about the song, Eleri said “I get constantly bombarded with messages from fake companies promising success. Whether it be millions of streams, followers, publishing contracts, or gig offers that when you delve deeper are either bot-generated or just rip you off. It can be an absolute minefield trying to decipher who’s genuine and who’s not and it’s very frustrating.”

This song contains a sonically underpinned instrumental that carries a variety of country riffs & seamless slide guitar, which perfectly blend to create an ear-catching piece that will have you instantly bopping along away.

Throughout this release, Eleri produces a sassy-driven vocal performance that echoes the lyrical foundation of this composition. Millie brings a striking vocal display that reflects the pent-up frustration that builds during each verse until it’s reached its emotional climax.

I feel that Eleri & Millie’s vocals blend incredibly well together & am excited to see their future musical collaborations. This is a sassy anthem you are not going to want to miss.

You can check out “Snake Like You” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Eleri Angharad: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Millie Blooms: Facebook / Instagram.

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