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INTERVIEW: Maddisun Discusses The Release Of The Latest Album “Home Is Where The Music Is”!

Rising Canadian singer/songwriter Maddisun has recently created waves in the music scene with the release of the sophomore album, “Home Is Where The Music Is”.

This latest album features ten-track tracks written entirely by the artist and produced by the Los Angeles-based team of Nick Noto and Chloe Chaidez, “Home Is Where The Music Is” stays true to Maddisun’s organic singer/songwriter roots but adds touches of Americana, indie pop, along with classic, vintage, and country rock to match her eclectic musical influences and artistic range. 

Born and raised in the wilderness of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Maddisun (aka Maddison Keiver) was raised in a supportive and musical family and displayed precocious artistic talents from her early childhood. She enrolled in dance and piano lessons while still in preschool and found her calling as a live performer even before reaching adolescence. With diverse musical influences such as Sheryl Crow, Maggie Rogers, Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Bridgers offering inspiration, Maddisun honed her skills in songwriting, live performance, and studio production in high school. She spent the next 3
years in Europe, spending 2 of those years in Dublin, Ireland where she cut her teeth on live performance in one of the EU’s best musical centres.

After returning to Canada rejuvenated and determined to succeed as a professional musician, Maddisun dropped her debut album of original material, “Self Reflections”, in August 2020, which earned over 200,000 streams, powered by the popular singles, “Mountain Air”, “Differences”, and “In the End”.

Maddisun has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding the creative journey behind “Home Is Where The Music Is” & you can read the full interview below.

Hey Maddisun, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling readers a little bit about yourself?

Maddisun: Thank you! Happy to tell my story! I was surrounded by music from a very early age. I come from a musical family, who have always been so supportive of my musical dreams. I am a super passionate person and that comes out in my very uplifting, positive music. I am the type of person that definitely wears my heart on my sleeve! 

I have been working hard on my music career for many years – since I started releasing and making music around 2015. I love the journey, and I can’t wait for this new era following my album release. 

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Maddisun: It really started when I was probably around 2 years old! I would sing and dance all the time, according to my parents. I remember being really fascinated with my dad’s guitar. There is a photo of me with it around age 3! 

I really found my passion for pursuing a music career around age 12 when I started songwriting (and discovered Taylor Swift).

Have you always known that you wanted to pursue a career within the music industry?

Maddisun: Honestly, yes. I never saw myself doing anything else. Even when I was a teen and had random jobs, I always knew I was going to do my music. I was just waiting for the right moment in my life.  

How would you currently describe your musical style?

Maddisun: It’s definitely a classic sound. I am really inspired by ‘70s and 80s music, so I have that vintage rock kind of sound. However, I have also always been inspired by early R&B and soul music, so I have a bit of a soul/ballad sound as well. My music is very positive and uplifting, leaving listeners feeling inspired and heartfelt. 

You recently released the album “Home Is Where The Music Is”, which sounds absolutely amazing. How did the idea for this album come together?

Maddisun: Ahh thank you… I am pretty proud of it! The album really came together as I was turning deeper inward, and learning more about myself, and the places that I call home.

I am very well-travelled, I used to live in Ireland! I went back to Ireland this March to attend an off-grid songwriting retreat, where I wrote a lot of the songs from the album. I then travelled to Los Angeles to record the album. When I felt homesick, or the concept of “home” became a little confusing, I would turn to my music, and it would make me feel completely at home, no matter where I was. 

What would you consider to be some of the main influences behind the songs featured on the album?

Maddisun: Definitely Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain! Country rock was a huge inspiration for this album. I also took inspiration from Queen, ELO, and The Pretenders on some of the slower more ballad-style tracks. 

What are some of your favourite tracks from the album?

Maddisun: Oooh – I love this question because of course I do have favourites! 

I really connect with “True Me”. I wrote it while I was on my songwriting retreat in Ireland, and it just feels so TRUE. I also love “On The Outside” because it reflects a really special experience, and is probably the most “storytelling” song on the album. And, of course “Glory Day (Over and Over)” because I just completely bare my soul. 

“Running” is also really important to me, which is why I chose to make a music video for it. The video just came out last week!

What does this album personally mean to you?

Maddisun: This album is extremely special to me. This is a new era and phase of my music career, I’m very proud of it because there is so much growth in my songwriting.

I also am very connected to the whole theme of the album, I have crafted a very special line of merch for the release, and everything has tied together so well. I’d feel a lot more mature with this release, and it really shows. So personally, this is just a huge step up and I really dove deeper into myself with songwriting, which is hugely important to me. 

If listeners could take something from this album, what would you like it to do?

Maddisun: To help them feel comforted and inspired. My songs are very uplifting and positive, so I like to make listeners feel that same way. It’s about finding the things in yourself that can really help you feel like life is worth living, and that everything is going to be okay. I hope listeners have their own form of music/art that they can use to connect with themselves, and I hope this album is just another resource for listeners to turn to when things might be getting hard.  

Are there any songs that have not made the final tracklist for this album that we could see released in the future?

Maddisun: Yes! There definitely are. Also, I have finished writing the full song for the intro track “Home” and I will be releasing this hopefully next year! 

What advice would you offer to someone who was looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Maddisun: Definitely to learn and get VERY good at marketing yourself and seeing your whole music career as a brand/product. Being able to understand your style, your audience, and your skills is huge. Also, content and social media are the absolute future, and as much as that sucks, it’s also a huge tool. Get good at creating content. 

However, at the end of the day, having a killer live show is the most important element!

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Maddisun: Stay true to yourself and know you’re always exactly who you’re meant to be. Positivity is key, even when life gets hard. I’ve learnt so much through navigating this by myself, with little guidance. I’ve just relied on trial and error, and community. Find a special community that values you and your art, and learn from each other.

You can check out “Home Is Where The Music Is” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Maddisun: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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