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REVIEW: Jade Helliwell Unveils The New Single “Lead Me On”!

Highly acclaimed Yorkshire singer-songwriter Jade Helliwell follows the success of the hit single “Woman I Am” with another girl-power anthem, “Lead Me On”!

A further teaser of what’s to come from the upcoming EP Jade brings an uptempo country-pop-influenced anthem that tells a sassy story of realisation & self-respect.

Each verse features an array of lyrical elements that many (if not all) listeners can connect with & helps to bring power back to anyone who feels they have been misguided.

Jade delivers a vibrantly feel-good performance that highlights the passionate & emotional energy that falls within the depths of her incredible vocals.

I feel that this song showcases the dynamic nature of Jade’s musical talent & presents listeners with the opportunity to experience her unique array of lyrical storytelling. A strong recommendation for sure!

You can check out “Lead Me On” via Spotify below or no further platforms here.

Jade Helliwell: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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