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NEW: Bailey James Releases The Brand New Single “Don’t Need Ya”!

Upcoming rock n’ roll singer-songwriter Bailey James has swiftly mounted her presence on the music scene through her passion-driven vocals & musical creativity.

With songs such as “Finally Free” reaching 42 on the Billboard charts & “Better” (Ft Mia Morris) receiving immense praise across the globe, Bailey has quickly won the hearts of listeners & critics alike.

Bailey has now unveiled the brand new alt-pop/country-influenced single “Don’t Need Ya”, which looks to empower & move listeners in a variety of ways.

Co-written alongside John Allan Miller & written/produced by the incredible Nolan Neal Seals of The Voice & America’s Got Talent, who recently passed away. Bailey had her second Whiskey Jam performance earlier this month & dedicated her entire set to honour the relationship she had with Nolan as a songwriting partner, producer, & friend.

Bailey said “When I went to write this song with Nolan Neal I had barely turned 16. I walked in wearing a Pink Floyd shirt ranting about high school, how my friends were getting high 24/7, a breakup I can’t remember now, and he listened. We wrote this song about the way people cope with their heartbreak or the vices they use. The version you will hear is also the demo Nolan produced because it is just so perfect. He spent hours that night making this demo, and I couldn’t understand why at the time, but I do now. It is so you could hear this song the way he intended for it to be heard.”

During this latest single, Bailey’s hidden power lies in the quiet moments found within the song. Written with a fresh start in mind & accompanied by seamless acoustic guitar, the song can be interpreted in a number of ways. Throughout the song, Bailey’s crystal-clear vocals are natural, passionate, & raw, which builds an emotive connection with listeners.

You can check out the official video for “Don’t Need Ya” below or listen via Spotify here.

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