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REVIEW: Mine Celebrates The Process Of Self-Acceptance In The Brand New Single “H2O”!

The artistic brainchild of singer-songwriter Mia Schuster, Mine is finally able to spread her wings as an individual & musician through a variety of inspiring lyrical journeys that are reflected in every chord she writes.

In this latest release, “H2O” celebrates the process of self-acceptance and the eventual freedom that comes with coming into your own. Throughout the song, Mine explores the world she faced as she stepped into her artistic career, constantly being told who to be & how to act, & the brilliant sense of freedom that comes with standing her ground & unapologetically chasing down her individual path.

The song features a mid-tempo pop-synth influenced instrumental that carries a variety of warm characteristics that express the inspiring elements within the lyrical heart of this empowering anthem.

Mine delivers a stellar vocal performance that embodies the energy that flows within the sonic landscape of this inspiring song, which helps to create an intimate sense of hope & happiness that listeners can find solace within.

You can check out “H2O” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Mine: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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