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REVIEW: Kevin Lehnberg Releases The Brand New Single “End Of The Rainbow”!

Charismatic musician Kevin Lehnberg has unveiled the empowering feel-good disco anthem “End Of The Rainbow”. 

Written by Kevin Lehnberg, Ylva & Linda Persson, Mats Larsson, Ulf Georgsson, & Åsa Karlström, in collaboration with Atenzia Records, this latest release is an inspiring schlager disco anthem.

Full of ’80s-inspired elements, this latest release is a mid-tempo dance anthem that highlights the expressively charismatic qualities of Kevin’s extraordinary musical personality.

Kevin delivers a distinguishable performance that shows the raw character of this artist’s harmonic qualities & displays the emotional energy that flows from the lyrical heart of this composition. 

This song is a perfect representation of Kevin’s distinct musical styling & is something I believe showcases the versatile elements of the unique harmonies this artist possesses.

You can check out “End Of The Rainbow” on Spotify below or via further platforms here.

Kevin Lehnberg: Facebook / Instagram.

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