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REVIEW: KTJ & Carly Release Their Brand New EP ‘Ego Death’!

Dynamic pop songwriting & producing duo KTJ & CARLY have released their brand new EP ‘EGO DEATH’.

In this latest release, this duo embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, & self-care through a host of incredible lyrical storytelling that takes an in-depth look into the undeniable changes that occur as you begin to shed your ego & come into your own.

This EP features a multitude of musical genres that infuse to create a unique-sounding tracklist that keeps you fully engaged for the entire duration of this impacting release.

The tracklist is comprised of 5 songs that individually guide you through a journey of self-discovery & leave you relating to a host of lyrical elements that leave you wanting to hit that repeat button.

KTJ & CARLY deliver a vocal performance that enhances the emotively memorable aspects of their beautifully raw yet powerful harmonies, which in turn assists in additionally adding a natural foundation that listeners can see the artists bound with on a personal level.

Overall, I feel that this EP is an artistic representation of raw passion & pure heart that has the ability to leave a lasting impression, which could easily last a lifetime.
This duo has an untimely gift that could easily see them becoming a fundamental name on the global music scene & I, for one, am excited to see their evolving musical journey.

You can check out ‘EGO DEATH’ on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

KTJ & CARLY: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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