INTERVIEW: Dana Arthur Discusses The Release Of The “Helen Of Troy” EP!

Charasmatically artistic Louisiana singer-songwriter Dana Arthur has continuously made an impression on the music scene through a host of ear-catching & passion-driven tracks that have received high accolades from critics & listeners alike.

Not long ago, Dana unveiled the official video for “Helen Of Troy” (StoneBridge Epic Mix), which is part of the EP of the same name that was released via the label 418 Music. 

Dana has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding the artistic journey behind the EP & what the “Helen Of Troy” musical chapter means on a personal level. You can find the full interview below.

Hey Dana, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

Dana: Thanks so much for having me Jess! Hello everyone! I’m a singer-songwriter from Louisiana. I trained classically in voice and piano and later graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance. Although my training is more formal; I enjoy creating, performing, bending, and blending a plethora of genres. I believe in the power of music no matter its sonic and lyrical makeup. My dream is to be a vessel that delivers this gift to others. 

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Dana: Music has always held a special place in my heart. I can’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t a part of it. Just about every genre you can think of was playing in my household growing up. I became truly passionate about music when I started taking classical piano at 11 years old. Even before that point, I enjoyed creating instrumental music on the piano. It was maybe around a year later that I developed an interest in writing lyrics that mainly started strictly as poetry. I knew I not only wanted to perform songs I enjoyed, but I desired to be the creator behind songs I was performing also and so songwriting became a passion of mine.

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Dana: I feel my musical style could fall under the umbrella of the “Pop” genre because “Pop” in itself encompasses so much. So many diverse artists fall into this category. I also believe my musical style is eclectic and unpredictable. There are flavours of other genres intertwined within my music such as Dance, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, R&B, and Classical. I’m always striving to bring something new to the table and to evolve in my writing. 

You recently released the new single “Helen Of Troy” (StoneBridge Epic Mix). How did the idea for this song come together? 

Dana: Ah! Well, it was initially inspired by a conversation. I was with my parents watching TV and my mom complimented the actress’ appearance. Before agreeing, my dad jokingly said, “Well, she’s not Helen of Troy.” I had remembered hearing about the figure from Greek mythology years before, but inspiration didn’t strike me back then. After hearing the comment, I thought “Helen of Troy” would serve as a great title for a song. Not long after, I came up with the chorus and then it only grew from there.

Did you always plan to release “Helen Of Troy” as a single? 

Dana: I hadn’t planned anything specific in terms of the release in the early stages. At the time of completing the writing process, it just became another song I had written. It was actually around the time I finished the song that I had been approached by an individual in the music industry. I had sent several songs to them to consider. “Helen of Troy” became the pick for moving forward with a production and seeing where the next direction could lead me.

You also released a variety of versions of “Helen Of Troy” on an EP. What inspired you to create all of these versions & release them as an EP?

Dana: It was a combination of factors that went into the release of the EP. I didn’t think of releasing multiple versions at first, but after I had been approached by and signed with 418 Music, the consideration of having multiple versions then came into the conversation. Before this, I had the opportunity to have the song remixed by StoneBridge which was wonderfully unexpected! Once 418 Music wanted to get onboard with the release; the other versions fell into place. I solely produced and recorded the “acoustic version” and the “raw electro” version. I think having a variety of musical arrangements not only gives the listener options, but also invites the listener to hear the record from different perspectives. Different sounds appeal to different people, so I feel grateful that I was able to present “Helen of Troy” in this way.

How would you compare the creative process behind this release to your earlier release of “Blue”?

Dana: In addition to writing the lyrics and composing the melody for “Blue,” I made every decision in terms of creating the arrangement and production. With “Helen of Troy,” the versions created by StoneBridge and Slim Tim remained a surprise until I heard the remixes they created. It was the first time I had versions included that are completely up to another individual’s interpretation. Also, this record is very different from “Blue” sonically. I knew I wanted a different feel for “Helen of Troy.” I initially felt it would be suitable for the “Pop” genre, but it has taken on the “Electropop” and “Dance” genres, which is very different from “Blue” and my other previous releases.     

What does this song personally mean to you?

Dana: As it says in the song, “I hope you don’t mind, my alter ego just walked on in.” A song whose origin started with being about the character: “Helen of Troy,” turned into an anthem about self-empowerment. In the writing process, the first lyrics that came to me were: “I’m not no Helen of Troy, but I can make you go boy oh boy.” In all honesty, this is a phrase I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough saying on my own. 

With that, I realized I needed to change my initial lyrical idea for the plot of the song. I imagined this more confident and bolder version of myself, a version that embraced what I was completely and what I had to offer. This record means a lot because it’s a sort of “pep talk” and a reminder that we can all be more than we give ourselves credit for.

If listeners could take anything away from this release, what would you like it to be?

Dana: I hope listeners have a blast when hearing this record while also finding a sort of strength from within. I hope the next time listeners go to a party, they won’t be afraid to dance through their insecurities and make memories! 

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Dana: I hope you enjoy my newest EP “Helen Of Troy” as well as the music video I directed, filmed, and starred in to go along with this release. Thank you all so much for your interest in my music and journey thus far. I don’t know exactly what’s next, but I hope you stick around for the ride! Sending you love and light! 

You can check out the official video for “Helen Of Troy” (StoneBridge Epic Remix) below or listen to the full EP by clicking here.

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