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REVIEW: Meghan Pulles Releases The Emotionally Moving Single “Anxiety”!

Highly acclaimed New York-based singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles has unveiled the emotionally compelling brand new single “Anxiety”.

The first release from the forthcoming EP ‘Sighs Of Her’, Meghan explains  “I wrote this song while I was having a pretty severe anxiety attack, and it ended up being a comfort to me at that moment. I want people to know that they aren’t alone in having it and that anxiety isn’t going to take away everything from us and we must be empowered enough to speak back to it at times. For those of us who have severe trauma, PTSD, etc, this is one difficult repercussion of it and I hope this song can make everyone who suffers from this debilitating disease feel a little less alone”.

The song features an acoustically influenced instrumental that flows alongside the emotionally tantalising lyrical elements of this truly compelling musical piece.

Meghan delivers a beautifully majestic vocal performance that echoes the raw emotion of this stellar composition, which allows listeners the opportunity to experience a naturally moving performance that you feel instantly engaged with.

I truly believe that this song showcases the spectacular creative nature behind this talented artist & highlights the sentimentally drawing motions within Meghan’s phenomenal vocals. 

You can check out “Anxiety” on Spotify below or on Apple Music here.

Meghan Pulles: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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