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REVIEW: 4TH IMPACT Release The Brand New Single “Here We Go”!

Review photos from 4TH IMPACT Facebook.

Formed of Almira, Irene, Mylene & Celina Cercado, 4TH IMPACT is a charismatic collective that has caught the attention of listeners across the globe through their powerhouse vocals & passion-driven musical artistry.

Now, this gifted group has unveiled their kick-ass new single, “Here We Go”, which holds an actively empowering message.

The song features a vastly uptempo pop instrumental that immediately captures your exclusive attention & leaves you with a sense that you are in for something truly special.

Each verse contains fragments of pure inspiration & highlights the lyrical storytelling that these gifted musicians possess. The song has a sense of pure emotional realism, which helps listeners to feel a natural connection to the pure heart of this composition.

Without a doubt, I feel that this song is a stellar example of what these talented musicians are capable of & showcases the phenomenal strength behind their powerhouse vocals. This is one song you are definitely not going to want to miss!

You can check out the official video for “Here We Go” below or listen via further platforms here.

4TH IMPACT: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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