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REVIEW: ENISA Releases The Incredible New EP ‘Fake Love’!

Powerhouse Brooklyn-based songstress ENISA has caught the attention of global listeners through a host of highly acclaimed songs such as “Count My Blessings”, “Love Cycle”, & “Dumb Boy”, making a huge impact throughout the music scene.

With high anticipation from supporters & music outlets alike, ENISA has finally shared the brand new seven-track EP titled ‘Fake Love’.

This latest EP exudes a distinct variety of pop, soul, & R&B elements, which simultaneously fuse together to create a solitude of ear-catching components that draw your full attention & leave you craving more.

Featuring a combination of preceding & new releases, ENISA provides listeners with the experience of a lifetime with a host of distinguishable tracks that everyone & anyone can find solace within.

Throughout this stellar release, ENISA delivers a host of exhilarating vocal performances that individually reflect the assortment of emotional elements that feature within the lyrical aspect of this musical collective.

I truly & wholeheartedly believe that ENISA is an emerging household name whose music will stand the test of time. This EP is a clear recommendation for everyone to hear.

You can check out ‘Fake Love’ on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

ENISA: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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