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REVIEW: Mia Negovetić Releases The Brand New Single “Forgive Me (Oprosti)”!

Acclaimed Croatian singer-songwriter Mia Negovetić has released the brand new single “Forgive Me (Oprosti)”!

Co-written alongside Laurell Barker, Andreas Stone Johansson, & Denniz Jamm, this latest release centres around the complex dynamics of love & pride.

This sentimentally heartfelt ballad features a magically enchanting pop-influenced instrumental that echoes the wholehearted lyrical depths within this captivating composition.

Each verse steadily builds to devise an emotionally endearing finale that reflects the soulful essence that flows through the complete duration of this out-of-this-world release.

Throughout this song, Mia provides a continuous stellar performance that enhances the in-depth emotional core of this ear-catching musical piece & illuminates the enriching natural beauty within Mia’s powerhouse vocals.

You can check out “Forgive Me (Oprosti)” on Spotify below or via Apple Music/Deezer here.

Mia Negovetić: Instagram.

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