REVIEW: Jenny Tolman Releases The Emotionally Moving New Single “Afraid”!

First premiered on American Songwriter, Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Jenny Tolman has released one of her most vulnerable songs to date in the form of the stirring new single “Afraid”.

Written in just 30 minutes, Jenny Tolman shares this new musical piece that spurs from the night she acknowledged her true feelings for her now-fiancé, GRAMMY-nominated producer Dave Brainard.

This latest release plays host to a notion of moving elements that unveils the raw emotional depths of Jenny’s extraordinary musical talent. The lyrical aspect of this composition showcases Jenny’s emotionally illustrative storytelling & echoes the heartfelt depths that lie deep within the creative energetic nature of this gifted artist.

Throughout this song, Jenny produces a sentimentally compelling vocal performance that delivers an emotionally stirring impact towards listeners from the very first time of hearing this monumental release.

Overall, I believe this song highlights the dynamic musical excellence that lies within this gifted artist & without a doubt, I could easily see this latest release producing some series waves throughout the global music scene.

You can check out “Afraid” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Jenny Tolman: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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