REVIEW: Chim & Mag Unveil Their Debut EP ‘On This Road’!

Emerging singer-songwriters Chim & Mag are a Swedish duo who have gained the admiration of music lovers across the globe through their individually compelling country/pop styling & passion-driven harmonies.

With acclaimed singles such as “On This Road” & “This Young” helping to cement a solid foundation for this incredible duo. Chim & Mag have unveiled their debut EP ‘On This Road’.

Alongside their previous two single releases, this 4-track country-influenced EP features two brand new songs “Packed My Bags” & “All I Do” that centre around a variation of love & adventure.

Speaking about “Packed My Bags, the duo said “It´s been important for us to put words on our feelings about doing the right choices in our lives and this song lets us do that. For all of you that feel misplaced or unsure of where your heart is supposed to be, trust your path.”

Continuing on about their second new single “All I Do”, the duo claimed “This song is actually inspired by Mag´s big high school crush, who is now, as of this year, her husband! This song is an anthem for those being brave enough to go after who they love!”

I believe this EP plays host to a variety of personally captivating melodic variations that accentuate the ever-evolving musical nature these two talented artists possess. Each track reminisces a distinguishable emotional aspect that carries listeners through an expressively compelling journey that resonates with each of us on a personal level.

Chim & Mag deliver a passionately heartfelt performance throughout this EP that highlights the delicate tones within their charismatically charged vocals.

Overall, I believe this EP features an eclectic combination of compositions that showcase the natural artistic talent behind this duo & carries a multitude of personally relatable tracks that connects instantly with listeners. A high recommendation for any country fan!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

Chim & Mag: Facebook / Instagram.

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