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Review: Emmy Law Looks To Move Listeners With Forthcoming Single “I Don’t Want It”!

Indie pop songstress Emmy Law looks to move the hearts of listeners everywhere with the emotionally embarking upcoming anthem “I Don’t Want It”.

In this forthcoming release, this indie-pop influenced track brings us face to face with a romantic relationship that has run its course.

“I was playing the piano and writing one night. In my head, I saw two people who had been together for a long me, and for one of them, it wasn’t how she envisioned it turning out,” Emmy said. “She is stepping in a new direction moving forward, standing up for herself. It’s about finding a hopeful future in a tough situation.”

What began as a gentle piano ballad evolved into a multi-layered, atmospheric joyride, courtesy of producer Shane Becker (Indian Run). As with Emmy’s previous single, “Black and White,” the pair brought “I Don’t Want It” to fruition from a distance, once again using Zoom and Audiomovers to share ideas between Nashville and Becker’s native New Jersey. “I sent Shane a demo, and he used the demo in some creative ways with my vocals. He chopped them up and made some samples with them,” Emmy said. “I just love it. I think it’s so pretty.”

Emmy brings us a vibrantly moving vocal experience that echoes the hauntingly captivating soundscape of this future ear-catching anthem. The way Emmy incorporates the raw emotion of the lyrics with the soul sensitivity within her vocals is a truly powerful statement to the artistic spirit this gifted musician possesses.

You can pre-save “I Don’t Want It” ahead of the release on January 7th, right here.

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