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REVIEW: Honey B McKenna Releases The Brand New Single “CANDY”!

Following the success of the debut EP ‘1:11’. Emerging Welsh songstress Honey B McKenna has released the 80s influenced tropical house track “CANDY”!

Recorded, mixed & mastered from her bedroom on the Welsh-English border, McKenna originally wrote the track in the autumn, reflecting on the process of what it means to seek a relationship in 2021.

Speaking about the latest release, Honey said “It’s kind of tongue in cheek, but like everything I do it’s also quite tragically sincere. I liked the idea of riffing off those romantic tropes to do with candy and sweetness and turning it around – I need something more than just insincere sweet talk, I don’t want something ‘sugary’, I want people to be real with me!”

This latest release highlights the charismatic nature behind Honey’s artistic talent & showcases the creative nature this gifted artist possesses.

The track features a memorably catchy instrumental that echoes the lyrical elements behind this ear-catching musical composition. Honey delivers a vibrant vocal performance that reflects the dynamic & passionate harmonies that lie deep within the unique essence of this artist’s timeless vocals.

You can check out “CANDY” on Spotify below or on Apple music here.

Honey McKenna: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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