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REVIEW: Meghan Pulles Releases The Festive EP ‘Christmas Nostalgia’!

Singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles has released the reflective new EP ‘Christmas Nostalgia’ that centres around the emotions & experiences that come from this time of year.

This latest EP features a 4-track emotionally festive journey that embarks listeners through a nostalgic notion of thoughts & emotions that come from Christmases past.

Speaking about the song “My Christmas Escape” from the EP, Meghan said “My Christmas Escape was written in the pandemic holiday of 2020. My co-writer Sabrina and I wanted to write a song to pay homage to those people who felt lonely during the holidays and wished that every day could be Christmas, and how those feelings of joy, wonder, hope and magic can carry with them into their entire lives.

“A lot of us spent the Holidays without our families last year, and so it brought up some sadness in us. We imagined this magical trip which included a snowglobe of Christmas memories, and pure nostalgia. We are very proud of this one and we want the listeners to feel transported on a magical, mystical journey of all of the feelings that Christmas evokes, and I think this song does a great job with that.”

Each track emphasises a unique characteristic from Meghan’s phenomenal musical artistry by featuring a variety of touching components that underscores the emotional essence of this ear-catching EP, which allows you to see more from the artist behind the music.

Meghan delivers a truly heartfelt performance throughout this EP that showcases the distinctly pure beauty within her angelic vocals. Each song is performed with such sentimental feeling that you feel emotionally engaged for the full duration.

If you are searching for a nostalgically engaging festive EP that is full of heartwarming notions & moving emotional elements then this is going to be the perfect musical pick for you!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below or via Apple music here.

Meghan Pulles: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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