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REVIEW: Hildur Höglind & Dreamcouch Release The Enchanting New Single “Soon After Christmas”!

Swedish singer-songwriter Hildur Höglind & Dreamcouch have unveiled the enchantingly engaging new single “Soon After Christmas”!

Speaking about the release, Hildur said “‘Soon After Christmas’ has followed me throughout my life. My parents played it when I was a child, and I’ve continued to listen to it as an adult. It’s such a vulnerable and pure song about heartbreak and disappointment. Me and my father talked about releasing a song for Christmas and decided to do a version of this one, we recorded it the very same night and it was finished just a few days later. We’ve kept it pretty close to the original, it’s a perfect song from the beginning.”

She continues “I don’t necessarily view it as a Christmas song, I interpret it as a song that simply takes place soon after the holidays, rather than a song about the holidays. Still, it has Christmas in the name, so we felt that it would be appropriate to release it now in any case.”

This latest release features an alluringly magical instrumental that contains an admirable notion of festive elements that assemble together to create a sensational composition that attracts your attention from the first few seconds.

This composition is a shining statement of Hildur’s sincerely distinctive musical talent & emphasises her ever-evolving artistic journey. Hildur is a truly remarkable artist who I believe possesses a pure-hearted gift that resembles closely to listeners. It would be no surprise to see this artist reach great heights with her extraordinary talent.

You can check out “Soon After Christmas” on Spotify below.

Hildur: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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