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Review: Janet Devlin Unveils Moving Rendition Of “Your Song”!

10 years on from her X Factor UK debut, artistic musician Janet Devlin is revisiting the song that started her career in the form of Elton John’s “Your Song”.

Fans have anticipated the release of ‘Your Song’ as a single since Janet’s debut, as she explains: “I’ve had 10 years of inbox messages requesting me to release this cover. I never quite imagined that a song could follow me throughout my career but this one has – in the best way possible. As far as songs to be known for, I’m glad it’s this one. I think I’ll rename it ‘My Song’ haha!” Undeniably an iconic song, Janet highlights why it means so much to her: “What I love the most is where the song took me and still takes me mentally – I’m automatically transported to a happy place when I sing it. Which is hard for me as I’m usually such as overthinker!”

This single is a milestone in Janet’s career and a huge personal achievement, as she explains, “When 17-year-old me left the show I was offered a record deal, and the label wanted me to release this as my first single. However, I wanted to write my own music and earn my place in the industry. I made a promise to myself that if I were still in this business 10 years on then I would release it….and here we are.”

“My audition video has stacked up some impressive numbers over the years, I’m so grateful for the platform the show gave me. No regrets! People are still discovering the video clip of me singing it today, and what’s lovely is there’s a big Janet Devlin rabbit hole to go down and a tonne of music to discover. I’d like to think it’s not too shabby, I’m really proud of my little indie catalogue which I’ve been building.”

In this release, Janet delivers a hauntingly moving rendition of a timeless classic to create a musical experience that echoes the pure heart of this compelling musical piece.

Janet produces an emotionally charging & enchanting vocal performance that highlights the raw tones within her uniquely incomparable vocals & showcases the enduring passion this gifted artist possesses.

Throughout this number, Janet demonstrates her skill for renewing songs through her own unique style, which allows listeners the opportunity to see the visionary artist behind the music.

You can check out “Your Song” on Spotify below.

Janet Devlin: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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