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Review: KTJ & Carly Release The Emotional New Single “Hidden”!

Emerging twin sister duo KTJ & Carly have laid their hearts on their sleeves with the emotionally channelling new single “Hidden”.

Hot off the success of “Holding On” & “Cherry Coke”, KTJ & Carly have unveiled their latest musical notion in the form of the haunting single “Hidden”, which lyrically centres around chasing someone happy to exist behind the walls they’ve built, and the pain of holding onto them despite your worst intuition.

This latest release features a soulfully moving electro-pop instrumental that channels the sentimental notion of the lyrical elements of this profoundly provoking composition.

KTJ & Carly deliver a stimulating performance that echoes the emotive textures within their charismatically challenging vocals, which perfectly stimulates the heartfelt essence behind this ear-catching anthem.

This song ideally highlights the distinguished tendencies within the unique qualities of these two talented musicians sharply unique musical style, which allows listeners to see more from the artists behind the music.

You can check out “Hidden” on Spotify below.

KTJ & CARLY: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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