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Review: Niki DeMar Unveils The Emotionally Compelling Single “25”!

After the recent success of the moving pop anthem “Messy Room”, Singer-songwriter & social media influencer Niki DeMar has unveiled the emotionally compelling new single “25”!

Co-written alongside Riley Biederer, Maddie Larkin and Rob Grimaldi, this latest release is a personally raw composition that centres around blocking out the expectations placed on us to reach specific milestones within a limited time frame.

This latest release features a variation of sentimentally enduring notions that echo the pure heart of the lyrical journey of this reliability touching number, which carries directly onto listeners to leave a personally lasting impression.

Niki delivers a performance that highlights the raw undertones of her charismatically unique vocal range, which allows listeners to see more of the artist behind the music.

You can check out the official video for “25” below or stream via Spotify here.

Niki DeMar: Twitter / Instagram / YouTube.

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