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Review: Emily Forst Releases The Moving New Single “Weak”!

Emerging half-Finnish/half-British songstress Emily Frost possesses a naturally creative talent that draws deep from the emotional core of her characteristically deep musical style.

Not long ago, Emily unveiled the moving new single “Weak” that centres around accepting your own weaknesses & how falling in love can make us vulnerable.

This song features a heavily influenced R&B instrumental that echoes the rawly heartfelt lyrical components of this enduring musical composition, which enables a natural sense of engagement from the first few seconds of listening.

Emily delivers a passionately drawn out performance that beautifully echoes the sentimental nature of this latest musical piece, which offers an insightful notion of the purely mesmerising vocal tone this gifted artist possesses.

You can check out “Weak” on Spotify below.

Emily Forst: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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