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Review: Hanne Leland Releases The Hard-Hitting Single “You Don’t Know What It’s Like”!

Emerging Norweigan Songstress Hanne Leland has swiftly attracted the recognition of global music enthusiasts through her distinctively attention-grabbing musical style & intensely artistic heartfelt creativity.

With singles such as “Even If It Breaks My Heart” & “Stay” already creating an emotional wave throughout the music scene, Hanne has now unveiled the emotionally hard-hitting new single “You Don’t Know What It’s Like”, which addresses Hanne’s experience & struggles with mental health.

Talking about her latest single, Hanne said “I wrote this song about my own personal struggle with mental health. The song came about after I had a conversation where I shared my thoughts with someone I know. I felt like this person didn’t get me at all, yet still tried to tell me what is best for me. I remember feeling super invalidated afterwards, and thinking that this person couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like. The chorus of the song started to take form in my mind after the conversation, and I finished up the song shortly after. I guess something good came out of it after all.”

This latest release features an emotionally drawn mid-tempo pop-influenced instrumental that delicately reflects the raw undertone behind the lyrical notion of this heart-touching musical composition.

Hanne delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that displays a distinct balance of raw emotion & fiery intensity, which perfectly echoes the moving journey of this compelling song.

You can check out “You Don’t Know What It’s Like” on Spotify below.

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