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Review: Adam Dolan Releases The Emotional New Single “If Only You Knew”!

Singer-songwriter Adam Dolan carries a creatively passion-filled musical style that centres around the emotional aspiration of his attention-grabbing vocals.

Recently, Adam released the emotionally moving brand new single “If Only You Knew”, which focuses on the mixture of emotions that originate from wanting to be with someone who doesn’t share your feelings.

This latest release features a mid-tempo country-influenced instrumental that beautifully echoes the emotional sentiment that lies deep within the lyrical core of this moving musical piece.

Adam delivers a vocally compelling performance that showcases the rawly heartfelt energy that centres this dynamic composition, along with highlighting the uniquely angelic tendencies he possesses.

This song captures the pure heart of Adam’s ever-evolving musical style & I would not be surprised if we see this song creating some serious waves in the near future.

You can check out “If Only You Knew” on Spotify below.

Adam Dolan: Facebook / Instagram.

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