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Review: Joem & Blind Eyez Collab On The Fiery New Single “One Shot”!

Finnish songstress Joem has teamed up alongside New Jersey musician Blind Eyez on the fiery new single “One Shot”, which centres around a waning spark within a relationship but also the willingness to fight for what you have.

This latest release features a fierce pop-influenced instrumental that perfectly orchestrates the emotional tenderness that courses throughout the lyrical essence of this passion-driven musical piece to create a balance of pure heart & vigorous intensity.

Joem delivers a sensuous vocal performance that carries a notion of heartfelt enthusiasm that strongly exhibits the innovative core of this attention-grabbing composition. Blind Eyez brings a freshly heartfelt performance that beautifully echoes Joem’s angelic vocals & highlights the natural tones within his incredible vocals.

This song highlights the natural talents of both of these phenomenal musicians & allows listeners to see more from the artists behind the music. I believe that we could swiftly see this song creating waves amongst the music scene.

You can check out “One Shot” on Spotify below.

Joem: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

Blind Eyez: Facebook / Instagram.

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