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Review: Props Releases The New Single “What You’re Made Of”!

London-based indie musician & producer Props is not one to shy away from delivering bold statements through his uniquely attention-grabbing musical style.

Journeying on from the recent success of “Domino” & “I Don’t Mind”, Props has released the brand new single “What You’re Made Of” that addresses the climate crisis and how increasingly individualistic and “save yourself” attitudes aren’t going to do humanity any favours.

Speaking about his latest release, Props said “I feel like I spend half my time doomscrolling through depressing climate statistics and the rest writing happy little bops to counteract the misery.”

He continued “I enjoy the awkward juxtaposition between musical optimism and vocal pessimism.”

This latest single features a contemporary notion of drum grooves & synth melodies that combine together to create an ear-catching instrumental that symbolically flows alongside the lyrical components of this thought-provoking musical piece.

This song highlights the unique artistry behind this gifted musician’s distinctive talent & embraces the raw essence within his unparalleled musical spirit.

You can check out “What You’re Made Of” on Spotify below.

Props: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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