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Review: George Holliday & Donna Marie Songs Collaborate On “That’s Alright With Me”!

George Holliday embarked on a tour in 2019 to meet what would become just under 100 people who had expressed interest in helping him write and record an album. After 8 years as a performing musician playing for infamously loved acts like JP Cooper and warming up audiences with artists for the likes of Lionel Richie, George pursued a deeply rooted passion for travel, songwriting and production. His idea? Build a studio setup into a bus conversion.

George plotted the locations of his enthusiastic audience from his YouTube announcement 1st January 2019 on a map. Connecting the dots and drawing a roadmap George ambitiously ventured out across Europe on the 1st March for 6 months. 2 years later Vol. 1 of George’s adventure arrives with a notably high benchmark of quality musicians.

One of the musicians to feature on this album is North-West of England singer-songwriter Donna Marie Songs, who appears on the ear-catching single “That’s Alright With Me”.

This captivating song features a sultry instrumental that slowly builds to reflect the personally compelling tendencies behind the lyrical components of this emotionally grasping track.

Donna delivers a delicately apprehending performance that showcases the distinctive elements within her beautifully angelic vocals & brings the emotive undertone within the song to life.

This collaboration highlights the creative talents both of these two musicians possess by creating an emotionally magnetising pull that listeners can wholeheartedly engage alongside.

You can check out “That’s Alright With Me” on Spotify below.

Donna Maire Songs: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

George Holliday: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube.

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