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Review: Chloe Adams Releases The Brand New Single “Time Machine”!

UK singer-songwriter Chloe Adams has tantalised listeners through her beautifully transcendent vocals & emotionally compelling musical creativity, which has received tremendous praise from fans & critics alike.

Following on from the recent success of the deeply moving song “Jail Time”, Chloe has now unveiled the sensationally gripping new single “Time Machine”.

This latest single features a sensuous pop instrumental that carries a devotedly compelling undertone of pure emotion that hits you full force from the very first listen.

The lyrics carry a notion of tentatively touching sentiment that draws your attention & instantly pulls on your heartstrings.

Chloe delivers a substantial performance that showcases the natural undertone of her heavenly vocals & emphasises the raw emotion that flows throughout this deeply heartfelt release.

You can check out the official video for “Time Machine” below or listen on Spotify here.

Chloe Adams: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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