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Review: Lucy Shaw Releases The Emotional New Single “Gwendolen From A&E”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Lucy Shaw has continued to dazzle audiences through her creatively engaging musical style & harmonious vocals.

With singles such as “Dear Teenage Girls” & “Wingman” creating waves amongst the music scene, Lucy looks set to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with the brand new single “Gwendolen From A&E”.

Speaking about her latest release, Lucy said “Inspired by a reminiscent conversation whilst waiting overnight in A&E. I was with my Dad in A&E a couple of years ago and we were sat next to a lady called Gwendolen. She too had been admitted to A&E but despite the frightening situation for herself and for my Dad, she talked all through the night with us, laughing and joking – she made that night a little less scary than it should have been.”

“Gwendolen told us all about her life, how she was a nurse and what she enjoyed doing growing up. The song is ‘poignant, heartfelt and captivating’”

She continued “I released the video and received help from ITV & other news outlets in an attempt to locate 96 year old Gwendolen so I could sing her her song.”

“We didn’t manage to track her down despite the track going viral across the nation, but I hope to one day! Gwendolen was a truly incredible lady. I wish everyone could be a “little more Gwendolen.”

This latest release combines a soothing acoustic guitar instrumental that intertwines a sweetly delicate violin component to create a movingly engaging melody that flawlessly reflects the emotionally compelling elements of this heart-touching musical piece.

Lucy delivers a passion-filled performance that carries across the raw sentiments of this tantalising song, which helps create a naturally compelling connection with audiences from the very first listen.

You can check out “Gwendolen From A&E” on Spotify below.

Lucy Shaw: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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