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Review: Tim Prottey-Jones Teams Up Alongside Stephanie Quayle On The Brand New Single “Until I Do”!

Singer, songwriter, & producer Tim Prottey-Jones has teamed up alongside US country singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle to release the emotionally captivating single “Until I Do”.

Speaking about their collaboration, Tim said “For me, the song paints a picture of a search for a love that may never be realised. But what is worse? Searching and never finding that special person or not even trying to find the one? There’s a hope to the lyrics that I believe will speak to the listener as it did with me. It’s that voice in your head that says, “if you don’t try, you’ll never know” and sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to hear. As people, as musicians, as lovers.”

Stephanie continued “Tim is an incredible artist and human and when he reached out about the opportunity to collaborate on his song ‘Until I Do’, it was an honour to be a part of it. We recorded all parts of this song across the pond from each other which was wild and magical. In a time where we all feel so separated, it’s amazing we were still able to bring this all together…even from thousands of miles away. I can’t wait to get back to the UK once travel is a bit safer and for us to get to play this song together!”

This latest release features an ear-catching musical instrumental that begins with a soothing piano intro that subtly builds into a pulsing melody that beautifully reflects the raw emotion that flows deep from the lyrical core of this moving musical piece.

Tim & Stephanie deliver an emotionally charged vocal performance that perfectly resembles the heartfelt lyrical journey of this phenomenally engrossing song.

The way these two artists vocals flow alongside each other helps to showcase the unparalleled textures that they individually possess, which encourages listeners to feel a personally engaging connection from the very first listen.

I believe that this song offers the perfect opportunity for both of these gifted musicians to showcase the unique characteristics they respectively hold. If you are looking for a sensationally moving track that you can easily endure for hours on end, then this is going to be the perfect recommendation for you!

You can check out “Until I Do” on Spotify below.

Tim Prottey-Jones: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Stephanie Quayle: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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