Interview: Flo Gallop Discusses The Release Of Her Latest Single “Can’t Be Friends”!

Upcoming London based singer-songwriter Flo Gallop has caught the attention of music lovers through her distinct musical style & passion-filled vocal talent.

Recently, Flo released the new single “Can’t Be Friends” that focuses on falling for the wrong person & overlooking the red flags that follow from trying to be ‘just friends. 

Now, this gifted artist has kindly taken the time to speak to Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about her latest musical piece. Check out what she said below.

Hey Flo, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

Flo: Thank you for having me! I’m 22 years old. Born and bred south-east Londoner passionate about honest music and songwriting. Live for the moment where you hear a killer lyric in a new tune. Love performing gigs and having a good time.

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Flo: I was brought up around music, it was just a part of my life from the day I was born, my dad drenched us in music, singing and entertaining. He was in bands and gigged frequently. I just fell in love with entertaining and getting people to have a good time through music. It just seemed like something I wouldn’t ever be able to get away from because its a part of me. Saturday’s were spent at the music shop near our house, dad was friends with the owner so we just hung about, saw behind the scenes etc and I think being engrossed in it you see the intricacy of every element. Music is now my happy escape I write to release. Its a form of therapy

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Flo: Lily Allen & Kate Nash vibes, chatty, british, conversational and creates an image in your head. That’s what I love the most, making people see the story through the music. Using keywords to stick in peoples heads that will trigger an image for them.

You recently released the brand new single “Can’t Be Friends”. How did the idea for this song come together?

Flo:Can’t Be Friends’ was written about a toxic love, the love that you ought to run a mile from but still crave anyway. I feel like this is something everyone goes through. There’s just one person who triggers a guilty yet satisfying feeling and the butterflies start to come.

The song is about stopping making the excuse of ‘being friends’ in order to keep seeing that person. Basically, The craic of those silly yet seriously enticing games.

Did you always plan to release this song as a single?

Flo: Yeah! We wrote it and just loved it. I love the guitar riff and I think the lyrics are powerful so for me this was definitely one I wanted to release. Once Tom Fuller had worked his magic as well it was just game changing and definitely a clear release for me!

To be fair though we did go back during the process and completely rework the chorus. I found the original the other day and it pretty much was the same idea just changed up a little.

What does the song personally mean to you?

Flo: I think it holds passion, there’s anxiety in there but it’s topped off with sass, its one of those songs that I feel like the lyrics have depth which is darker than lots of other stuff I’ve written.

I can feel the nerves in my stomach now from the time that it was written and I feel it every time I listen.

If listeners could take one thing away from this song, what would you like it to be?

 Flo: I guess just to be like ‘yep that’s me I’ve been there’ You’re like ‘blimey thank god I’m not alone in feeling like that’. But then It’s all part of the fun of living, the song is sad but realistically you know you’ll probably end up doing something like that again, it’s the thrill of life and getting your heart racing, that is what we are all after. I reckon this is the song I would play when I was on the way to meet THAT person. Btw this is NOT me convincing people to continue with a love like that. The real moral of the story is to run as far as you possibly can….or not!!

Do you have any further musical releases planned that you are currently able to tell us about?

Flo: Theres lots more on the way & very very soon so please come and join the party over on my socials @flo_gallop,

What are some of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Flo: Fantasy shopping for things I can’t afford, exploring playlists and finding new music, I bake a mean Vicky sponge.

If you could perform a duet with anyone in the world who would you choose & why?

Flo: Freddie Mercury because I think that would just be the wildest thing in the world, can you imagine. Also the after party would be nuts!

What advice would you offer someone looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Flo: Just go for it, don’t worry about what ANYONE will think just bloody go for it. Life is too short.

Finally, is there a message you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?


You can check out “Can’t Be Friends” on Spotify below.

Flo: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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