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Review: Sabine Set To Release Brand New Single “How Do You Sleep At Night”!

Shropshire based singer-songwriter Sabine is aiming to delight listeners through her unique correlation of chilled pop, contemporary country, & folk sound, which has swiftly gained the attraction of her ever-growing fan base.

Following on from the success of singles such as “Over” & “Let You Go”, Sabine looks to attract listeners once again with the upcoming single “How Do You Sleep At Night”, which is set to grace airwaves from the 19th March.

Speaking about her forthcoming release, Sabine said “I first started to write this track about five years ago, performing it live with a full band in summer 2019, before going on to record it later that year, along with the accompanying music video. The track is about a relationship full of broken promises, where one person isn’t free and the other knows deep down that it’s heading nowhere; it portrays the mix of emotions left when it inevitably ends.”

This latest release features an up-tempo pop-rock musical instrumental that stimulates the passion-filled lyrical components of this ear-catching musical piece, which help’s to engage your full attention from the very first listen.

In this song, listeners get the chance to experience a new side to Sabine’s evolving musical style, by delivering a more intensely impassioned vibe that allows you to see more of the person behind the music.

Sabine delivers a beautifully sentimental sounding performance that reflects the delicate tenderness within her majestic vocals & showcases the artistic versatility behind her heartfelt creativity.

You can pre-order “How Do You Sleep At Night” by clicking here.

Sabine: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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