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Review: The Mamas Release The Heartfelt New Single “In The Middle”!

Swedish-American soul & gospel group The Mamas have won the hearts of music lovers globally through their charismatically distinguished musical style & beautifully angelic vocals. 

In 2020, The Mamas won the music competition Melodifestivalen, which decides Sweden’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Move”. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of Eurovision was sadly cancelled.

Now, The Mamas have returned to Melfest to compete with their brand new single “In The Middle” that centres around the person you can always turn to while journeying through the emotional rollercoaster known as life. 

The song slowly builds to create an emotive atmosphere that symbolises the distinctive beauty within the lyrical aspect of this ear-catching musical piece. 

Each verse contains a variety of emotionally charged elements that everyone to relate to on a deeply personal level. The way that each verse flows into the chorus creates a compelling impact that draws your full attention & keeps you immensely engaged in this glorious composition. 

This talented trio delivers a heart-warming vocal performance that produces an emotively moving & heartfelt energy that aims directly across to listeners to experience an engaging musical experience.

You can check out “In The Middle” on Spotify below.

The Mamas: Facebook / Instagram.

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