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Review: Dustin Chapman Set To Release Upcoming Single “Words & Alibis”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Dustin Chapman has caught the attention of country lovers with his distinctively emotive musical style & emotionally moving vocals.

Through his passionate determination & fighting spirit, Dustin has stamped his mark within the music scene with singles such as “Slow Down ” & “Plus One” & now looks set to grasp the attention of listeners once again with the upcoming single “Words & Alibis”, which will grace airwaves from March 26th.

Speaking about his upcoming single, Dustin said “So I was actually inspired by the story of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn’s relationship after watching their biopics and that is where the idea for this song originated.”

He continues “‘Words & Alibis’ touches on knowing you deserve better than neglect and heartache, but being too attached the memories you share with the person causing those emotions to leave. Ultimately, many times we have someone right around the corner waiting to give us everything we could ask for, but we’re blinded by the past to see it. I truly feel like the message of this song, particularly the twist in the lyrics at the end, will potentially resonate with a lot of people.”

This forthcoming song features a soothing country composition that reflects the emotional essence behind the lyrical components of this musical piece.

Dustin delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that resembles the natural elements of this musical number that help’s to create a solid foundation for him to express his artistic creativity.

I believe Dustin possesses a unique musical talent that has the power to take him through an exciting musical journey that will lead to him reaching great heights with the country music scene.

You can pre-save “Words & Alibis” by clicking here.

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