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Review: Charlotte Perrelli Releases The Empowering Anthem “Still Young”!

Swedish musician Charlotte Perrelli has made a name for herself through her charismatic musical style & passionate vocals, which has received high recognition all around the world. 

in 1999, Charlotte represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest, in Jerusalem, with the song “Take Me To Your Heaven”, which ended up winning with a score of 163 points. 

Charlotte would return to the contest in 2008, with the uptempo song “Hero” that ultimately finished 18th in the grand final. 

Now, this gifted artist is aiming to enter the contest once again by competing in the Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen, with the empowering anthem “Still Young”.

This latest song focuses on embracing your self-belief & ignoring the voices around you that look to bring you down, no matter at what stage of life you may be at. 

The schlager track features a variety of catchy pop elements that perfectly symbolise the feel-good energy surrounding this inspiring anthem.

The lyrics contain a stimulating factor that produces a fundamental foundation for listeners to efficiently connect to on a heartfelt level, which allows listeners to see more from the artist behind the music.

Charlotte delivers a vocally compelling performance that reflects the passionate spirit behind the song & showcases the unique vibrancy her vocals possess. 

You can check out “Still Young” on Spotify below. 

Charlotte: Facebook / Instagram.

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